Is my Transmission failing?

How do you  know if your transmission needs to be serviced? Here are some of the early warning signs.

Know The Signs

  • If you suspect a clutch or transmission problem please listen for the following:
    a. You hear a clucking noise when you change gears from under the vehicle.
    b. While in 4-wheel drive there is a clicking noise in the transmission.
    c. Any noise from the transmission such as buzzing.
  • Transmission fluid is low, dirty, or incorrect:
    Internal parts may be worn or damaged which may require a major repair
    Electrical components need adjustment or replacement
    In an automatic transmission, the transmission computer may need replacement
    Internal problem in the transmission or transfer case
    External controls or parts that need adjustment or replacement
  • Leaking Transmission Fluid:
    The loss of transmission fluid can slowly reduce the ability to operate your transmission correctly. Do not ignore transmission fluid leaks, especially if you have a transmission problem.
  • Slipping Gears:
    Slipping between gear changes or clutch slipping, indicates that you have a transmission problem. Transmissions are designed to shift to each gear effortlessly at predetermined speeds

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