Manual Transmission Services

We can take a look under the hood

Once the certified technician at your Interstate Transmission Company of Auburn Massachusetts, completes a thorough external diagnosis, if your vehicle’s transmission problem can not be corrected by adjustments external to your manual transmission, an accessible transmission or clutch component, or a Reseal Service, then Interstate Transmission Company will be recommended to you.

The Interstate Transmission Company Reconditioned Service for a manual (or standard) transmission includes:

  • Complete disassembly of your transmission
  • Thorough cleaning and inspecting of your transmission’s internal and external components by Interstate Transmission Company technicians.

From experience, Interstate Transmission Company’s technicians know which parts always need to be replaced and they’ll be replaced with new, reconditioned, or rebuilt components. This includes numerous gaskets and seals, bushings, bearings, and soft parts. All hard parts (such as the gears), including your clutch, pressure plate and flywheel, will be inspected for excessive wear or damage and also be replaced as necessary. In many, if not most cases, your vehicle manufacturers updates will recommend that additional transmission components need to be replaced, and those components will be replaced with reconditioned or new components. The transmission is then reassembled to factory specifications, reinstalled with any necessary adjustments made, and the fluid refilled to the full level with fresh, clean fluid. Your vehicle is then road tested to ensure all of the problems you noticed prior to your Interstate Transmission Company service are corrected, and your car, truck or SUV is ready to go for miles to come.

Your manual transmission will have been rebuilt to Interstate Transmission Company and Repair’s exacting quality standards, and your Interstate Transmission Company will get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

External Service To Transmission & Related Components
Many times, the result of the Interstate Transmission Company External Diagnostic Service determines that a vehicle’s problem is a malfunction in an accessible transmission component or an external transmission-related component. In this case, the problem can be corrected by making an adjustment, repair or replacement while your manual transmission is still in place, returning the transmission to normal operation.

It takes an expert to tell-that’s why every vehicle that visits an Interstate Transmission Company with symptoms of a transmission problem is put through Interstate Transmission Company and Repair’s comprehensive External Diagnostic Service. Because Interstate Transmission Company knows the right diagnosis is everything.

Reseal Service
If the thorough external diagnosis, performed by the Interstate Transmission Company certified technician, shows that your vehicle’s only problem is that your transmission is not retaining transmission fluid, and there are no drive-ability problems, an Interstate Transmission Company Reseal Service may be recommended to you.

The Interstate Transmission Company Reseal Service for a manual transmission includes:

  • Removal of your transmission from your vehicle and disassembly sufficient to perform
    the service
  • Replacement of all external seals and select components by Interstate Transmission Company certified
    technicians, to correct the fluid retention problem
  • The transmission is reinstalled, fluid refilled to the full level with fresh, clean transmission fluid, and any external adjustments are made as needed. Your vehicle is then road tested to ensure the transmission is in top working order, and your car, truck or SUV is ready to get back on the road.

Clutch Service
Clutch Service is recommended when the results of Interstate Transmission Company comprehensive External Diagnostic Service show that a clutch problem that cannot be corrected by external adjustments, repair or replacement of a clutch-related component.

An Interstate Transmission Company Clutch Service includes:

  • Removal of the transmission.
  • Inspection of the clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel and related components.
  • Replacement of any required components to meet Interstate Transmission Company standards.
  • Re installation of the transmission.
  • Refilling to the full level of fresh, clean fluid.
  • A lift check to ensure proper clutch installation and adjustment.
  • Your vehicle is then road tested to ensure proper clutch operation.